It’s time for another miracle.

In 1990 I almost died, spending two months in the hospital and coming home with a new heart valve and pacemaker.  I was nineteen years old and the doctors told me I could expect to live until about forty; as I would need open heart every ten to twelve years to replace the porcine (pig tissue) valve and other complications were expected.

Check this out – that valve has lasted me 26 years!  I had an ultrasound on my heart before starting chemotherapy and things looked fine. It was worn but still functioning and serving me well!

In 2013 I started suffering from SVTs (Severe Ventricular tachycardia) that were so bad they were interfering with my ability to function.  My cardiologist referred me to a surgeon, we consulted and set a surgery date.  I was on the table in pre-op and the doctor said the electrical problems in my heart (which he would cauterizing) were in a pretty risky spot and though he was willing to do the surgery, he suggested trying to manage them with medication.  I walked out of the hospital, never filled the prescription, and the SVTs went away; I never had them again!

These are miracles. I am miraculous!

I need another one, stat.

The chemo has not been kind.  My body is weak, and my heart valve has quit.  I am having emergency open heart surgery tomorrow.  I am counting on a few more miracles.

My cancer gets the chance to have a party through all this.  I need the miracle of it staying put.  And of course I need the miracle of getting through this surgery!

But, I EXPECT these miracles.

I look forward to giving you an update on the other side of this.  I will live out my intention to be an instrument of peace.  I’m not done here!

Peace and love, and all my light to all of you.



16 thoughts on “It’s time for another miracle.

  1. Alison L.

    Tania…we shall hold you close to our hearts as you – once again – face another battle. You are strong – you are a fighter and you are LOVED!
    Alison Mike Ariel


  2. Robin Smith

    Songbird you make me cry, you are such a beautiful soul. God bless you Tania and holds you in his arms and kiss you gently as you awake renew.


    1. Robin thank you so much. This is all in his plan to help me achieve my true purpose. Your friendship and prayers truly mean so much to me. You are an angel here to the voiceless, doing God’s work, and I bet your prayers have a little extra pull 😉 Sending you gratitude, love and light.


  3. Sharon Flory

    Tania My friend just went through a very similar scenario. She said she just took one thing at a time and focused on each day. Eating as much as she could, drinking tons of water even when it was so hard, resting, yoga……anything to get through. You can do it. Praying and thinking about you. 🙂


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