What now?

Hello All,

I have missed you but been busy with medical treatments and schooling – that’s right!  I took every last penny of debt I could get into and I am attempting to answer what I feel is my calling.

I will be accompanying the dying and their loved ones through their last stage of life. Helping them through several modalities including spiritual presence/ listener, patient advocate, reiki therapy, sitting (over night) vigil and helping the family by making sure they can stay with their loved one by cleaning, running errands and monitoring the patient environment to make things as calming as possible through aromatherapy, music, and cleaning.

I have registered as a cancer patient mentor through Immerman Angels network and volunteered for hospice.  Making friends with my own death has given me a special ability to be fully present yet healthily detached – quite an accomplishment for an empath!

I will say to those of you who know me, I could not have found this level of peace without all of your friendships to reflect on. The beauty of the imprints we’ve left on each other’s hearts, my confidence that they are lasting and will keep me alive long after my vessel has returned to the earth.  And that is my truth, so, thank you.

Have a beautiful, beautiful day!


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