Not working through cancer.

My job was an all or nothing position for a small business,  so,  here I am.  Tomorrow will be my first day with no doctor’s appointment,  no job,  and no paycheck in sight.  (I do have the diner Tuesday nights to cover my health insurance premium.) I am no stranger to poor,  and certainly no stranger to medical debt,  but the idea of not busting my butt to keep up with it (or trying in vain),  of nothing coming in…   This,  not working,  is harder than the cancer. And the chemo. My fierce independence will be going through some serious compromise.  There will certainly be lessons to learn in this part of the experience. Let’s hope I am a good student! Ohm.

4 thoughts on “Not working through cancer.

    1. Hey Mare, Just another lesson to learn in all of this. It would be sad if I chose not to grow through it, but I am not letting this happen to me, I will squeeze all I can from it. As independent as you are I am sure you can relate to this particular fear… I am looking forward to overcoming it and learning to embrace help for a change.


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