Thanks for the platelets, and directions to that fertile soil…

Wednesday,  May 4th.  My head has not stopped pounding for three days solid and I have slept a sweat drenched 40 minutes,  from 6:25 a.m. – 7:05 a.m. I have to be at my day job looking snazzy to train my replacement in 45 minutes.  I am forty minutes away.  Finally a useful side effect-all this sweat doesn’t seem to smell,  so skipping the shower isn’t the tragedy it could been. (I know some patients will be hugging me goodbye.) The penny’s still under my finger and dammit I’m getting through this day ‘proud and blessed’… Yeah,  the gigs up sister.  Go to my oncologist at lunch,  who has called me in after texting her the night prior,  and my blood count’ s in the toilet and they need to lower my next chemo dose by 20%.  So,  today,  May 5th will consist of three hours of work followed by three hours of blood transfusion followed by highly anticipated Naturopath oncology appointment. Remember that fertile soil I was gonna Park my root Chakra in? That wheel I was gonna jump off?  Ha,  not even close yet /spinspinspin/.  Hoping this appointment and my day position fade out date get my butt in the dirt and face in the sun,  rather than the other way around :-/

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