Final diagnosis, post first chemo.

They have finalized the triple negative diagnosis (I still had a small hope in the form of an outstanding lab result)  –  which is not what I was hoping for,  as it is high grade,  more aggressive than 80% of invasive breast cancers,  responds to nothing but super aggressive chemo and radiation (no hormone therapy) and has a much higher recurrence rate.

On a good note,  with an “I can’t guarantee” disclaimer,  it looks like the 10 centimeter ovarian tumor/cyst is benign and as long as I can deal with the symptoms,  I can wait to have it taken out until my five month stretch of chemo ends.

More good news!  As long as the chemo works as hoped I will have five months of it,  then surgeries,  then radiation but no more chemo!  Thank God because I would much rather volunteer for the flu via vodka!


Unfortunately I have officially made the switch from any alcohol to all chemo…   I was told I would probably do great the first day and a half then crash,  but within a few hours I was curled up from side effects.  Not something I expected being the toughie that I am!

On a last good note,  I was thrilled to learn that I can keep my hair,  which I was expecting to shave off last night, for another nine days☺️

Thank you for your continued love,  prayers,  intentions and support!

Love and light to you, Tania

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