I found a lump.

I found a lump in early March.   I went to the doctor two weeks later (these things can be hormonal so you give them a little time if you’re premenopausal).

Yep,  that’s a concern,  get a mammogram and ultrasound.


No,  that doesn’t look good,  get two biopsies (got three).


I’m sorry to inform you,  it’s cancer.


Not only cancer,  triple negative invasive AND noninvasive ductal carcinoma. (Two tumors and microcalcifications)

Triple negative means non receptive to all three hormone therapies to treat breast cancer. It means high grade aggressive.  It means a higher chance of metastization and recurrence. It means you have nothing but super strong chemo to fight it with.

It means if the chemo doesn’t get you cancer free before surgery, odds of recurrence (in a different area) in three years are 50%.

It means you are in the least lucky 20% of all breast cancer patients.

Probably stage 2b. Aggressive.  The kind people get with the BRCA genes –  that gene that made Angelina Jolie choose a double mastectomy?  Yeah that kind. Back to the order of things….

Get a CT scan,  Stat.


Well, We found a 10 centimeter lesion mass in your pelvic area.


(The surgeon admitted that she and my PCP said the same thing,  in unison, verbatim.)

Current treatment plan :

4-6 months super strong chemo.

BRCA gene testing.j

Double mastectomy with probable hysterectomy.

4-6 more months chemo.

Radiation therapy.j

Breast reconstruction.

I’ll keep you folks who like the medical stuff posted –  but I’m not really into survival rate stats –  I’m not your typical statistic  😉

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