Faith is the sound of the song bird before the dawn.

I have almost never worked less than two jobs.  I have never truly taken off work for an entire weeks vacation.  I have raced around tirelessly since I was 14 years old,  many times beating unbelievable odds to survive… but that’s just it.  I have defined myself as a survivor.  I have kicked ass and survived well!   But I have never carved out a life and mental space within myself in which I could thrive. I have been,  for the most part, a weed seeded in concrete,  surviving despite the odds.  I have had many wordless discussions with my source,  that which created me,  during the experience of my diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan.  I have been told,  in no uncertain terms by said source that this is a call to jump.  To jump from the crazy wheel I ran on to survive,  and ground my body to fertile earth,  where I will finally learn to thrive.  I have found an appreciation for inner peace that allows me to truly say that I would rather thrive for a small remaining time than survive for a hundred more years. I have a very certain knowing,  I have FAITH that there are no mistakes in this world. I will sing before the dawn every day.  I will learn many lessons over the next year.  I will be grateful for these lessons and use them in the years to come to serve my ultimate purpose.  I will learn to be a true instrument of peace.  Thank you, my dear friends and family,  for all the love you have shown me in our years together,  and in advance for your positive thoughts,  prayers and intentions. I love you all! (Medical stuff in prior/first post/see prior updates).


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